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We cater to the following entities:

  1. Medical Doctors with NPI numbers
  2. Medical Institutions
  3. Government Health Agencies and Educational Institutions for research

If you represent another qualified institution, please use the website’s contact form to get in touch with us. We also offer Zoom Calls with our Telemedicine Physicians or ExoQure representatives to learn more about product quality standards and uses.

For information about ExoQure’s Quality Standards, visit their website Our manufacturing processes adhere to the guidelines set by the World Stem Cells Society. The process to manufacture Exosomes is standardized to 4 low passages. The Cells are used four times using the same media, after which the new cord is employed. Wharton’s Jelly is collected from healthy females through C-Section in a consensual and legal manner. These four passages are completed within 56 days.

As we manufacture Stem Cells and Exosomes ourselves, we can maintain the highest quality while offering the most competitive prices in the market. Our prices are determined based on the quality of the product, making them the lowest available.

We provide various options, with offerings of up to 100 billion Exosomes per vial for various conditions and applications, including but not limited to:

  1. Anti-Aging, Rejuvenation, and Aesthetics with remarkable results that are replacing other common methods
  2. Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction
  3. Hair and Skin Rejuvenation
  4. Cognitive and Brain Health
  5. Treatment of Brain Injury and Neurodegeneration
  6. Promotion of Organ Health
  7. Treatment of Sports Injuries that were often considered career-ending or diminishing the value of a professional or scouted amateur
  8. Treatment of Joint Disease and Joint Injuries often treated surgically
  9. Management of Muscle Injuries

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At Right Path Pain and Spine Centers in Davenport, FL, we know that chronic pain can leave you feeling discouraged, especially when you feel like you’ve tried everything but still struggle with your symptoms, medical conditions, or chronic inflammation. What if there was a natural treatment that delivered results but didn’t use prescription medications or injections designed to manage pain? The good news is there is such a treatment, and it uses Exosomes For Back Pain to do so.

How Long Does It Take Exosomes To Work?

When you undergo a treatment that relies on the body for results, those results will take time. Healing and regeneration don’t happen overnight, but you can rest assured that when you experience exosome therapy, you will get results; you just need to be patient. Your treatment will trigger a series of responses within your body that will eventually help reduce your symptoms, help alleviate pain, and help bring healing to your body.

Different factors will affect how quickly you experience results. Age, for instance, can play a part in your results because as the body gets older, it becomes less effective at utilizing and responding to stem cell messages. The extent of your condition will also affect the rate at which you experience results. For most patients, the most apparent results tend to appear within three to four months of treatment, and the best, most dramatic results appear within nine months.

How Long Will Results Last Once Exosomes Start Working?

Once you experience your results, you can expect them to last anywhere from six to nine months. Scheduling additional treatments once your results wear off can help you experience additional benefits and promote further regeneration and healing. When we create your customized treatment plan, we can determine if additional treatments will help you reach your ultimate goals.

What Are Exosomes Used For?

Exosomes are communicative cell molecules that come from MSC cells, and they send messages to your existing bodily cells. MSC cells are unique because these cells do not divide or replicate but instead, they can become any kind of cell at all. These molecules are used during exosome therapy to help heal the body.

They are not cells in and of themselves, but they deliver messages to your cells and instruct them to heal, regenerate, and basically act younger. When exosomes are injected into an area experiencing chronic pain or inflammation, they send messages to the cells in that area so that they can heal. When used during exosome therapy, they can help the body restore what has been damaged or has begun to deteriorate due to injury or disease.

What Is Regenerative Medicine?

Exosome therapy is a form of regenerative medicine that stimulates the body’s natural healing properties so that you can heal naturally from the inside out. It activates regenerative and healing properties in the body to address the root cause of health conditions and injuries without introducing any chemicals or toxic ingredients to the system to alleviate pain.

This treatment is so effective because it addresses the root issue of the disease and the pain; it does not just mask pain. Exosome therapy is one of many different forms of regenerative medicine. Other forms of regenerative medicine that help restore the body include cartilage regeneration, PRP therapy, prolotherapy, and stem cell treatments. While these treatments are not the same as exosome therapy, they do rely on the body to heal and treat the signs of aging.

What Kind of Conditions Does Exosome Therapy Treat?

Exosomes can send regenerative and healing instructions to your cells in areas of the body that has been affected by genetic disorders, chronic diseases, environmental factors, tissue problems, and other age-related symptoms. Exosome therapy can treat chronic pain and inflammation as well as other specific medical conditions, including autoimmune disorders, fibromyalgia, degenerative diseases, and Lyme disease.

This therapy can also treat age-related symptoms and diseases as well as the signs of aging as they begin to affect different areas of the body. They are often used in cosmetic treatments to help treat hair loss and restore the skin that has already started to exhibit signs of aging.

How Does the Treatment Work?

Before your treatment begins, the harvesting process must occur. Exosomes are harvested from stem cells and then stored for use before starting treatment. They are taken from the outer part of the stem cell and are placed in a saline solution, and frozen until ready for use. Before your treatment, the solution will be thawed and injected into the necessary areas to initiate a bodily response that will help lead to healing and alleviate your symptoms.

Once we confirm that you are a good candidate for this treatment, we will inject these cell messengers into your problem area, which is most commonly a joint. A very high concentration of exosomes will be delivered into your treatment area. The exact dosage will be determined prior to your treatment based on your concerns, the severity of your condition, and your treatment goals.

Will I Need Multiple Treatments?

Each individual who comes into our office hoping to treat chronic inflammation and pain associated with specific medical conditions will require a different treatment plan when undergoing exosome therapy. Some patients only require one treatment to achieve their desired results and reduce inflammation and chronic pain.

Other patients may require multiple doses, while others will require an occasional booster injection to experience the best results. When we create your treatment plan, it will include the total number of treatments you need to get the best results possible.

Is Exosome Therapy Safe?

You can rest assured that when you undergo exosome therapy, you are experiencing a treatment that is not only safe but is an effective way to heal and restore the body. Your body will not treat exosomes as foreign substances because it uses them on a regular basis.

This treatment does not deliver any prescription or pain medication to your body that can lead to side effects but instead promotes a healing response from the body by giving it more of something that it already uses regularly.

Are Exosome Therapy and Stem Cell Therapy the Same?

Stem cell therapy and exosome therapy are not the same treatments. They do have similarities, but exosome therapy is more advanced in the way that the extracellular vesicles communicate with other cells. Both treatments provide effective ways to alleviate symptoms and regenerate the body. Still, exosome therapy aims to deliver signals to the cells that require healing and regeneration to instruct them to heal and renew the treatment area.

Who Is a Candidate?

Everyone from the injured athlete to the individual suffering from a genetic disorder or autoimmune disease can benefit from exosome therapy. This therapy is a specialized and flexible treatment that can be completely customized to the needs of the patient. Those who are suffering from the natural signs of aging that are exacerbating health conditions or injuries can benefit from exosome therapy.

An initial consultation with one of our health experts here in our office will determine if exosome therapy is right for you. During this consultation, we will review your medical history, discuss your current state of health, and confirm that you are a treatment candidate. Then we can get right to work designing your treatment plan so that you can experience the benefits of exosome therapy as soon as possible.

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